Map Quest: Animation Shows Global Android Activations

Right here, ladies and gents, may be the best reason why Google bought YouTube.

The official androiddevelopers ‘Tube channel posted this striking video that visually and dynamically displays Android’s global market growth since its debut in October 2008.  Pay particular attention as key handset milestones are announced: for instance, when the Moto Droid is released in late 2009, North America literally lights up like it’s on fire.  (Likewise, Europe to a lesser extent following the mid-2010 release of the Samsung Galaxy S…)

Even if you’re not a Droid fanatic, there’s no denying both the visual beauty of this clip as well as the underlying “Android is on the rise!” message.  If Apple were smart, they’d counter with their own iOS/iDevice map…

[Via Engadget]

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