Motorola Posts Specs For Xoom Tablet, Release Date Still Hard to Find


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Moto has posted the specs for their upcoming Xoom tablet. On the sheet, they include the wifi-only, the GSM and the CDMA models.

It seems that a lot of these companies tend to focus on the specs of a device. That’s great for the techies, but how about for the people who don’t understand any of that stuff. The reason devices like the iPad and the Kindle have seen so much success is because the marketing tends to focus on the convenience and ease of use that comes with owning such a device. They want to show you that it’s an every person computer. Plus, Oprah loves the iPad. Anything that chick loves is almost guaranteed to be a success.

Above is just part of the huge spec sheet posted by Motorola, and you will have to jump on over to their website to see the rest.

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