iPad 2: New Leaked Case Reaffirms Camera, Thinner Design

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An iPad 2 case was leaked to German website Mackerkopf.de (via Google Translate) reaffirms things we believe about the upcoming iPad. They say that the images are from a Swiss dealer who received a a shipment of of these cases from an Asian manufacturer.

Some of the things that are noted are the tapered edge and a flat back on the tablet. It also has all the other familiar markings of the iPad 2 case such a camera hole and enlarged speaker cutout.

Other notes are circulating around the internet saying that Apple’s upcoming tablet will not actually be called the iPad 2‚Äîit will simply be called the iPad. That part’s not really news. ‘iPad 2’ is used more for a reference point to differentiate between the current model and the future model.

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