One-Stop Swiping: Morpho Brings “Universal Remote” Concept To NFC

Near-field communcation (or NFC), the technology that lets you pay for stuff by waving a keyfob or encoded credit card in front of a sensor, isn't a bad idea — unless you find yourself with a half-dozen proprietary fobs fighting for real estate in your pants pocket or purse.

A lot of smartphone makers are looking to incorporate NFC into upcoming handsets, but in the interim, Morpho offers an alternative: the Simlink NFC keyfob, which stores multiple payment cards/data on a single (rather large) fob and lets you track and update said data and payment records through a Wi-Fi connection to your current smart phone. 

It's still pretty damn big, but this IS a prototype (the ready-for-prime-time version is expected at the end of the year, price TBD), and let's face it: name one universal remote that ISN'T a tad oversized…

 [Via Engadget]

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