Preaching To The Choir? Developer Sees No Uptick In App Sales From Verizon iPhone Launch

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iOS app developers expecting a huge spike in sales from the debut of the Verizon iPhone 4 might not want to count their chickens before they hatch.

That's the conclusion of Instapaper coder Marco Arment, who has seen almost significant fluctuations in sales of his app since the iPhone 4 debuted on "The Other Network" earlier this month.

Mind you, Arment has seen sales spikes in the past: when a new iDevice hits the market and/or becomes available in a different country, as well as holiday sales.  However, both his sales and Instapaper's ranking within the App Store have remained. 

Assuming that the vPhone is actually selling as well as Verizon claims — and that owner are buying apps at the usual rate as their AT&T brethren — Arment theorizes that most vPhones are being bought by existing iPhone/iTouch users who already have his (and other) apps, and merely transfer them to their new phone.  Further, the new vPhone customers may have "different priorities" than Apple enthusiasts, and are less impulsive when it comes to rapid upgrades and wanton app purchases.

[Via Apple Insider]


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