Quick Tip: Free Up iPhone and iPad Memory

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Multitasking can quickly become a memory hog if you don't close Apps


Devices like the iPad and the iPhone aren't exactly known for having a ton of memory at their disposal. This can especially be a problem when you are using an iPad, which has less memory (but a faster processor) than the iPhone 4.

What happens is that when you open up one of those memory heavy Apps (such as a game like Dead Space or an App like Korg's iElectribe) you may get a message telling you the resources are low. At worst, the App may crash.

Here are two things you can quickly do to remedy that. Before you begin, know that these are tips for beginners. They don't involve anything difficult, and they will help someone who is new to iOS:

1) Clear up Safari 

Open up Mobile Safari. and hit the small icon that looks like two small squares laid over each other in the top-left corner. This should open up a screen with all your current Safari windows. Close them up. This will free up memory for you.

2) Close Multitasking Apps 

Apple hasn't perfected multitasking yet, but we don't think any mobile device has. With iOS, anytime you close an App it will continue to run in the background in case you want to jump back to it. This can be a problem when you a ton of Apps and never clear that multitask pane. You will have tons of Apps running in the background that you may not have even been aware of.

Simply double-click the Home button and this will open up your multitask dock. Now, hold down an icon until it does the iOS jiggle. Close off anything you don't need or aren't using at the moment. This will also help free up a ton of memory. It may even save significant battery life based on what Apps are running in the background and whether or not they support multitasking (for example Skype will continue to run in the background and receive calls).


We hope those two quick tips helped. Keep up with us for more quick tips, how tos and jailbreak guides.

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