Review: Listen Louder With Steelseries’ iDevice Headphones

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Ready to move beyond mere earbuds?  Steelseries has you covered — or rather, has your ears covered.  Their Siberia Neckband headset now comes in an iDevice-optimized flavor, redesigned with input from the House of Jobs.

The first thing you notice is the strap, which goes behind your head, rather than on top of it — ostensibly to make headgear-wearing a lot easier.  Sartorial benefits not withstanding, the Siberia series is renowned for its high-end sound quality, whether you're gaming, watching movies, or just grooving to MP3's.  Another distinct touch is the microphone, which retracts completely into the earpiece rather than swinging up on an external boom.

We love the sound quality on these cans: playing games like Rage HD, Dead Space, and Infinity Blade makes you feel like you're part of the action.  The headphone padding is nice and soft, too.  As for the behind-the-head design, the neckband tends to slide a bit (and often feels like it's going to fall off), but that falls under the category to "something you just have to get used to."  Our only other beef is with the white-only color scheme; another shade (even basic black) would be a desirable option.

Overall, if you're looking for optimized audio when fragging enemy soldiers — or just making a phone call — the Siberia Neckband's US$79.99 MSRP isn't a huge price to pay.

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