Report: Apple Looking into Cheaper iPhone, MobileMe May Soon Come Free

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We’ve heard the reports from the Wall Street Journal and from Bloomberg saying that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone. However, the New York Times says that’s not the case.

Read on for the full breakdown:

Smaller iPhone? Maybe Not.

They Times is reporting that Apple is exploring ways to make the iPhone more affordable and adding a wider appeal by enhancing its voice commands. The upcoming iPhone, usually called the iPhone 5 around the internet, is likely to be similar in size to the current-generation iPhone 4, this is according to a source close to Apple. Two of the New York Times’ sources have said that Apple is not planning to announce “a smaller iPhone any time soon.” 


What About N97?

According to the New York Times, the whole N97 thing that was widely reported a while back is actually just the codename Apple used for the Verizon iPhone. It’s not a new smaller iPhone.


Why Not?

The reasoning, according to their source, is because a smaller iPhone would not necessarily be cheaper to produce. They also say that the device would be more difficult to operate, which is logical given the much smaller screen we’d be seeing on a device that’s 1/3 smaller. They also noted that the smaller screen would force developers to rewrite their Apps, which is something Apple would like to avoid.


So What’s in Development for a Newer iPhone?

Right now, it seems that Apple wants to focus on making the iPhone more affordable by changing some of the internals. The report also says that Apple aims to give it a broader appeal by improving and implimenting more voice commands. They say this is for people who don’t like the virtual keyboard.



The Times is also saying that Apple is working to add more versitility to MobileMe. They are also planning on making this improved version free to users. Most likely to those who register an iOS device or have an Apple account. (Perhaps that’s what those data centers are for?)


iPhone Syncing Without a Cable?

It sounds like that may be part of the aim of the next version of MobileMe. That is also according to the Times’ sources, who said the following:

“The goal is that your photos and other media content will eventually just sync across all your Apple devices without people having to do anything.”


Why All the Changes?

Compeition is good. Right? Google is putting pressure on Apple with their Android platform. Apple wants to keep up, and continue to be the choice of people who shop for smartphones. They also note that many overseas markets offer prepaid phones, which means they are non-subsidized. An iPhone can be quite a purchase unsubsidized. A cheaper model would be ideal for Apple.


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[Via New York Times]


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