Report: Chinese Telecom Workers Hack a Verizon iPhone


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You normally can't use a CDMA phone in China, but A report from the Wall Street Journal says that employees of the Guangdong branch of China Telecom posted an image showing that they were able to hack the Verizon iPhone and make a call on their network.

A group of employees calling themselves the Apple Lab Team on a Sina Weibo (a microblogging service similar to Twitter) account belonging to Guangdog posted a photo of the Verizon iPHone next to the badge of an employee. It said that said the "CDMA iPhone 4 has made its first call in China."

According to the WSJ, there is also a photo of the phone running Cydia, indicating that it was jailbroken with GreenPois0n. However, those photos cannot be found. They also mentioned that they were able to use the Mac version of the jb software, but attempts with the Windows version were unssuccessful.

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