Report: Verizon Offering Apple Store Employees Sweet Discount on Service

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Verizon isn't just going after the general public with the iPhone, they are even targeting Apple Store employees, according to a report from website We've read before about how both Verizon and AT&T are competing for dominance in the iPhone market, and they've been taking swings at each other for the past two months or so…all over the iPhone 4.

Right now it seems that Verizon is offering two options, one is for a low monthly rate with the purchase of the phone at full price and pay $25 a month for 1,500 minutes along with unlimited text and data. The other plan will give them the phone at the subsidized price and has them pay the regular monthly rate ($119.94) for the first 10 months. After that, they pay the $25 a month that comes with the lower plan for the rest of their two year term. The downside? Under this deal, they would not be eligible for an upgrade during their contract period if they are still employed by Apple.

AT&T's marketing stance has been boasting about the speed of their 3G network, which gives you the ability to talk and use data at the same time. Some love the feature, while others will say that if they can't use the phone in the first place, the feature does them no good. That's where Verizon's iPhone comes in.

Verizon has been advertising their iPhone as the one that can actually make a call. They have that one ad showing off the iPhone 4 with the voiceover asking something along the lines of, "but does yours make calls?" Then 'Verizon Guy' picks up the phone and does his "Can you hear me? Yes I can hear you now," bit. It's not a bad commercial, but it's definitely one that those who have had connection problems will have an easier time relating to.


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