Return To Sender: Galaxy Tab Sales Totals Drop Even Further

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The turkeys are coming home to roost.  Literally.

Just a day after we reported that Samsung's glowing sales figures for the Galaxy tablet were…shall we say…"misinterpreted?", comes word that the Galaxies that ARE being sold…well, they aren't STAYING sold.

According to ITG Investment Research, who have been tracking the Galaxy Tab's sales since its release last November, approximately 13% of the units sold in its first two months were returned to the point of purchase.  That number jumped to 16% from the Christmas holiday through mid-January.  (Contrast that to Verizon's iPad, which saw only a 2% return rate in the same period…)

It also can't help that, even before the Galaxy Tab came out, Google was flatly stating that Froyo (Android 2.2) wasn't optimized for tablets, and it won't be until at least Gingerbread or Honeycomb that a big-screen Android OS should be expected.

Any more bad news, and Samsung is gonna have to change its name to Samsunk

[Via All Things Digital]

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