Rumor: Apple to Ditch Boxed Software?

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Time to say goodbye to the box?


Remember a few months back when we were introduced to the MacBook Air and Lion? There were a few things that stood out about that presentation. One was the MacBook Air's announcement in which Steve said something along the lines of, "We think all notebooks are like this one day." At that same presentation we were introduced to the Mac App Store, which as you know by now is a place where OS X users can purchase software for their Mac, even software typically sold in retail packaging. This is probably the easiest way to get software on your MacBook Air, given that it has no optical drive and installing means sharing a drive or using the Mac App Store.

It seems that Apple will be making a move towards geting rid of that boxed software in order to incraese importance on the Mac App Store.

According to the report from MacRumors, boxed software "also takes up retail space that could be used for higher profit items," those being things like the iPhone and the iPad or their accessories. It's also unknown how they will deal with some of the more popular pieces of software such as MS Office or Adobe Photoshop.

Still, Apple has been one of the companies at the forefront of the move to digital distribution. It's likely that their plans for software are along those very same lines.


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