Rumor: Apple Will Unveil the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 Next Week

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This is strictly rumor for now, but reports are circulating the internet saying that Apple will present the iPad 2 next week along with iOS 4.3.

According to German website Macnotes.DE, who cites a source from the "accessories business," Apple is planning to announce the new tablet at an event next week. This may be likely as any new model of the iPad is expected to land in early April (based on when the original iPad hit, not much analysis going into that). However, it's expected that Apple will announce the iPad 2 next week, which would make sense given that they want to announce features and generate hype for the device before it becomes available.

They say that the iPad 2 will be announced as a "One more thing…" during a special iOS 4.3 developer event. It's a bit strange to imagine it being announced at a special developer event, given that Apple needs the public to know about the iPad 2 right now, not the developers. It also seems weird that the iPad 2 would be a "one more thing" kind of announcement as that's usually reserved for press events where Apple shows off a new line of a popular product (such as iPods or iLife) then drops a huge announcement just to wake everybody up.

A small update to iOS 4.3 being presented to a bunch of developers doesn't sound like a huge event on its own and it seems more likely that it would be focused on the iPad the whole way through. Apple shows off the iPad 2, and shows us how iOS 4.3 enhances functionality on the device, etc.

What do you think?

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