Rumor: iPhone 5 Coming to T-Mobile and Sprint

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One of our favorite concepts, just because it’s impossibly thin

It didn’t take long. Some websites speculate that the iPhone 5 will also come to T-Mobile and Sprint. Now that the iPhone is no longer and exclusive device, we are starting to hear the various rumors about the possibility of the iPhone 5 coming to other carriers. The rumor isn’t exactly solid yet, and we’d honestly venture to say that it’s just a bunch of speculation combined with wishful thinking. However, that does not mean it’s impossible as the iPhone is now fair game for all carriers and many of them will go a long way to get it on their network, especially if it happens to be an upcoming device like the iPhone 5. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Apple was rumored to be in talks with T-Mobile, and that Spring uses CDMA technology like Verizon, so the device would not be hard to bring to the carrier.




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