Rumor: This is What the iPad 2 Will Look Like


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It’s just two days until Apple officially reveals the iPad 2, and the rumors surrounding it have generated more buzz than just about anything else we’ve seen since the release of the first iPad. We’ve heard it all: two cameras, slimmer design, larger speaker, faster processor it’s all been mentioned and reported on more times than we can count.

Someone sent website Boy Genius Report the image above, which looks to be a render of what we can expect the iPad 2 to look like. It doesn’t look entirely official, but it’s safe to say that the product Apple announces on Tuesday will look a lot like what we see here. It’s very possible that someone rendered these out either with 3D software or by modifying existing iPad images to give a good representation of what the device will look like.

It’s also possible that the image was somehow leaked, but we’d like to think that a company that specializes in tech and computers knows how to prevent someone from emailing out a confidential image like that one. Then again, someone did grab that image and send it out, and Apple already knows about it. Steve Jobs may be personally sawing his mouse-clicking finger off right now to teach him a lesson.

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We will know the iPad 2 launch date, and what it looks like, in two days. Then we can start with the flood of iPhone 5 rumors that will no doubt start pouring in soon after the iPad launch.

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