Rumor: We May Learn the iPad 2 Release Date Sooner Than We Thought

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UPDATE: iPad 2 Announcement Event Is Official

The internet is exploding with iPad 2 rumors today. First, we hear that the tablet is delayed, then we hear it's right on schedule. What's next? All Things D is reporting that the iPad 2 is going to be announced on March 2. It's likely that the event will be held at the usual location, the Yerba Buena Center. 

That's right, sources close to the upcoming iPad say that the tablet computer will be officially unveiled early next week. In case you're wondering, Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal is not one to jump the gun on this kind of thing and we have much respect for her and Mr. Mossberg. That said, they have reliable sources that have been fairly accurate in the past. This may be no exception.

This rumor makes a bit more sense at this point anyway, because of how quickly news organizations were to take back the 'iPad 2 Delayed' report we heard earlier this morning. Meaning, there was a pretty big slip up somewhere.

Of course at this point the question remains of whether Steve will head the event. Steve Jobs is on medical leave, but it wouldn't be unusual to see Schiller or Tim Cook take the stage.

A bigger surprise would be if all those boxes we thought were full of MacBook Pro laptops were actually loaded with iPads and Apple said, "It launches today!" Of course that's probably out of the question, but it would be a heck of a way to get some press coverage for the Cupertino-based company (you know, as if they don't get enough of it).

At this time, Apple has not sent out the invites, and nothing has been said officially.

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