Smash ‘N’ Grab: iPhone Passwords Can Be Stolen In Six Minutes

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If you lose your iPhone, you’d better hope and pray a skilled hacker doesn’t get his hands on it — because in six minutes, he could access every password stored on it.  Every.  Single.  Password.

That’s the grim scenario being reported by Fraunhofer SIT, who uncovered a method of first jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad, installing an SSH server, then running an access script that dives into your keychain entries to extract your stored passwords.  This video shows the entire process:

Security experts — and Apple in general — have consistently warned that the jailbreaking process, by bypassing/defeating software security protocols, leaves iDevices wide open to malicious exploits such as this one.  If you DO lose your iPhone — and want to protect your stored passwords — your only option is to use the Find My Phone app and immediately perform a remote wipe.

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