Take Your Agression Out on the Human Beatbox




Need to slap someone? Why not make a catchy beat while doing it? That's the concept behind Beatbox – REAL Human Beatboxing!, the 99-cent App that lets you poke, punch and slap this poor dude's face to create a beat. Don't worry, it's more slapstick than anything, as you can see from the video above.

The best part, is it's not only an outlet for anger, it's a creative outlet as well. If anything, it will get some laughs from friends when you show them the human beatbox getting his forehead slapped and it's much more fun than any iPhone fart machine.

The type that's interested in something a little more traditional, you can always check out some of the Apps that Gorillaz used for their latest album, which was made almost entirely on an iPad.

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