The iPad 2 May Come in White, Like the iPhone 4


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Looks like Apple may have  a white iPad 2 in line for an announcement. It's interesting given that they had originally planned the same thing with the iPhone 4, but the device never quite became a reality. Not officially, anyway. Though Apple may have figured things out by now, but just be holding off on the white iPhone 4 as it's so late in the game at this point that a release would make little sense.

The White iPhone 4 is probably the only vaporware product we can think of ever announced by Apple. We are sure that there are a few in there throughout the company's history, but that's the only one that immediately comes to mind. To this day, it's unknown why Apple has yet to release the handset, though it's said that Steve Jobs personally isn't happy with the quality of the final product. It's also possible that the white iPhone 4 has issues with the flash while taking photos.

According to reports, the image above is a picture from iFixYouri, a website that specializes in iPhone repair. As you can see, it's the front panel of the iPad. It has the camera hole, which website 9to5Mac says fits the iPad 2 screen protectors we've seen in the past.

We will know all the details for sure on March 2nd, when Apple is set to unveil the new tablet. There, you can expect to learn the iPad 2 launch date as well as all of the expected specs. Right now, we can be about 95 percent sure that it will be slightly thinner, have two cameras (front and back), sport a faster processor and be compatible across both GSM and CDMA networks.


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