This Machine Presses Cellphone Buttons From Anywhere in the World

The folks at Hackaday found this interesting machine. A man from South Korea named Mok Young Bak invented a machine that does his job for him. Apparently, his job involves pushing buttons on a bunch of cell phones as he works monitoring mobile games. He wants to travel the world, but roaming rates for carrying around those phones around are pretty brutal. 

What did he decide to do? He built a fancy machine that can press the various buttons across three cell phones. From a distance, as pictured below, the setup looks simple. It's a big mass of wires and metal mounted on a ladder and connected to a laptop. But up close (as can be seen by the video) it's an intricately-built machine that is made to carry out one major function, and it looks awesome.

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He calls his invention the Caduceus. Above the phones is a webcam that swings around focusing in on each individual phone so that he can see their screens. This allows him the freedom of going where he wants to go while just checking in on the phones occasionally over the weekend.

Pretty cool. If he's smart enough to put that machine together, he deserves to enjoy working from wherever he pleases. Our only concern is what he has to do if the machine runs into some sort of minor issue that requires a human to take care of.

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