Verizon iPhone Pre-Orders Cause Issues on Verizon’s Website

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With all the pre-order hype surrounding the upcoming Verizon iPhone, there was no doubt that some buyers would have difficulty securing their pre-order.

As announced previously, the company began taking orders at 3AM EST, but some received error messages while trying to make their purchases. According to a report from Reuters, Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney explained that the company was happy with how their system performed and "the majority of customers have been able to process their orders with no problems."

Raney said that Verizon was aware that some received error messages and that they "are working through the issues with the individuals to ensure they get their order placed."

This isn't exactly unusual, though. When the iPhone 4 pre-orders went live last year, both AT&T and Apple's websites had issues due to the high traffic.

The Verizon iPhone is due to arrive in one week on February 10th.

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