Verizon iPhone: Seems That Most Subscribers Pre-Ordered Their iPhone

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The Verizon iPhone is here. iSmashPhone has been calling Verizon Stores and Apple Stores in various areas to ask about the availability of the Verizon iPhone and it seems that most of the retailers have already seen their initial rush come and go.

When we asked a Verizon store in our area if they were busy at the moment, the employee responded with, "We were a bit at first, but it died down," adding that if we wanted to go get our iPhone, we'd be able to go in and pick it up with no problem.

Another Verizon store employee said the same thing, "No we're not busy, so come now." It's likely that they expect little rushes throuhout the day, but nothing like we'd normallly see.

When calling one of the Apple Stores (located within a mall in this case) the employee told us that they had been open since 7AM. When asked if it was busy, the answer was a strong "No" followed by a laugh. Again assuring us that we could go in to the store and purchase the Verizon iPhone if we wanted to.

This just makes it sound as if many of those who wanted the Verizon iPhone simply pre-ordered. Good thing they did, too, it's cold outside.

Readers, did you go pick up your Verizon iPhone today? If so, let us know how the experience was, we have an all-day chat going on right now, so come in and let us know how things went: Chat.


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