10 BlackBerry PlayBook Hype Ads, Yet It Still Feels Like Vaporware

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The PlayBook

We touched on this yesterday when we talked about how tablet makers need to release their products instead of just releasing videos and specs every week. We understand it takes a while to develop a great product, but when a device like the BlackBerry PlayBook, which was announced almost six months ago in September has yet to see the light of day, you want to see results. As it is, it doesn’t have a solid release date yet, and the little bit we do hear are release windows or leaks that have yet to be confirmed.


A Look at the History of the PlayBook

The PlayBook was first rumored as the “BlackPad,” and wasn’t officially announced until September 27th, 2010. That’s when RIM showed off the first video of what the device was capable of. Here’s that first video:


October 26, 2010


The PlayBook runs Flash. Lack of Flash support is one of the big complaints most users have against the iPad right now. They are showing how YouTube works directly through the browser and that the user can jump around between applications seamlessly.


September 27th, 2010


The video was actually pretty awesome. The tablet shows a lot of potential, and we were hoping to see it sometime soon. Perhaps in time for the holidays?


November 15, 2010


This video was rather impressive. It shows the PlayBook in comparison to the iPad when it comes to playing on the web. They even run the Acid 3 test.


December 29, 2010

Your Portable Life


This was an interesting ad. It gets the message across, when you see the lady fold up her entire desk and carry it all off as a tablet. Bottom line: Your BlackBerry PlayBook does everything.

Step it Up


The Step it Up spot was just an ad showing people jump roping to plug the PlayBook’s ability to multitask.


January 3, 2011

BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK Overview


Showing developers an interview of the SDK (software development kit).


Video and Social Networking


Social networking and enjoying video on RIM’s tablet computer. It looks nice.


January 8, 2011


Look, there is no doubt in our mind that the PlayBook is an aewsome device. We’ve heard hands-on saying that it’s a very awesome tablet. Right now, we wish RIM would focus on releasing this thing before the giant PR machine that is the Apple press event comes around. 


January 31, 2011


This video showcases the PlayBook’s ability to be used in business. He has his PlayBook and his BlackBerry handset syncorhinzed. This is always useful for those who have two devices.


February 16, 2011



This is a result of RIMs acquisition of The Astonish Tribe. It’s a cuter, more casual side to BlackBerry’s tablet. 



These features are all fascinating, and the PlayBook looks great. The problem is that it has no release date and all we keep seeing are these videos showing off the tablet. The PlayBook isn’t the only one that’s yet to see a release, the other big makers such as HP and Motorola also have us waiting.

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