Will iOS 4.3 Arrive on Valentine’s Day?

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The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, is supposed to be landing within the month. According to the rumors, iOS 4.3 is said to be scheduled for a Feburary 14 release … Valentine's Day. This sounds about right given that the Verizon iPhone is shipping with the latest build of iOS, and scheduled to be arriving on Feburary 10th.

That still leaves us without a date for the iPad 2. Which is said to be coming sometime in April (one year after the original) and will have a new lighter casing of a material described as "carbon fiber-like." Some sources even say that the Liquidmetal alloy that Apple last year acquired a license for may make up the outer shell of the iPad.

There are also rumors that Apple is working to create accessories that will work directly with the iPad 2, which is said to have near-field communication (NFC) technology, a feature that is also rumored to be coming to the iPhone 5 later this year. According to Ars, this could mean devices would connect and interface with the tablet or phone without having to be paired or required additional setup as you'd need with Bluetooth.

If the iPad 2 does in fact launch in April, we can probably count on it being lighter and slimmer with a higher-resolution display. Don't place your bets on the rumors of a 7-inch model.

We have heard rumors that the iPad 2 will be reveaeld next week. Those are yet to be proven, and are seeming less likely as invites haven't yet been issues.

For now, you can see what we know about the iPad 2 so far based on features included in iOS 4.3.

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