Will the Real iPad 2 Launch Date Please Stand Up?


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The infamous fake iPad 2 spotted at this year's CES

For quite some time now we've been hearing about the iPad 2. Unfortunately, we have heard nothing official from Apple themselves.

We've posted tons of rumors on the device, which you can catch up with at the following links:

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Despite all that, we have no release date. We've heard April, but that's based on when suppliers are shipping components and a ton of speculation because the original iPad was released around the same time last year, but the tablet race may soon be heating up. By this summer, the other tablet makers will be releasing their products…or so they say.

Apple has yet to say anything about the iPad 2, and it's still generating more hype than any of the other tablet computers. In fact, Apple seems to be cutting off other tablet makers by eating up 60 percent of the world's supply of touchscreens. That means there is a high demand.

We just have to ask ourselves when Apple will announce the product.


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