2041: If Apple Took Over The World…


What will the year 2041 be like? In the case of this video, Apple’s technology runs through everything. It gives the phrase, “There’s an App for that” a whole new meaning.

What would the world be like if Apple took over? Well, this video doesn’t paint the scary picture we imagine, but it does show us a glimpse of the iPhone 44G (that’s not a typo) and people ordering and cooking food with their iPhone and iPad. Heck, they even pop cigarettes out of their phone then switch apps to create a lighter. Though a world where you can turn an iPhone into a real gun sounds like it would be a crazy one. Still, it’s a fun little video.

See, folks? This is why competition is a good thing. So keep enjoying those Androids and webOS devices to maintain balance in the world and it will be a happy place. We just hope it ends up being something like the Jetsons. We’re into a happy future with cars that fold into a briefcase, not a dark Blade Runner, watch your back at all times kind of future.

By the way, it’s worth checking out some of these videos that show what some musicians are already doing with their iDevices. Some are even shooting movies.




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