4 Reasons Not to Get the White iPad 2

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On Friday, we talked about our adventures in trying to get our iPad 2. We went to different stores to see what was available, and finally decided to choose Wal-Mart. The model we wanted (AT&T 64GB black) was purchased by the guy in front of us, and we had to go with the same model in white. It was a bummer, but we figured it would give us a chance to check ou tthe new color and possibly post some of our impressions.



1) The White is Too Bright and it Distracts from the Main Screen

We grew quite fond of the black bezel of the original iPad. It fit the feel of the MacBook Pro and several of Apple’s other displays, and was just comfortable to look at. But the glossy white surface of this one just sticks out way too much for us and feels kind of distracting. Perhaps it’s something we can get used to, so we will keep trying for a while.

2) Micro Cracks and Scratches Will Fill With Dirt Over Time

Many devices will get tiny scratches on the glass surface. It hasn’t been a problem with our iPad in the past, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Anything that happens on this lighter colored tablet is much more visible as it fills in with dirt and debris. That also applies to the line where the bezel meets the aluminum framing all around the iPad. Sometimes little bits of dust and dirt like to collect right in there. The appearance will only be amplified by the white color scheme.

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3) Grime will be Visible Around White Home Button

Okay, let us get one thing straight. We don’t just go around touching everything with dirty hands. Still, hands get dirty. At the airport or on the plane, for instance, we aren’t about to go wash our hands just because we feel like pulling out our iPad. That, coupled with more dust and dirt, actually collects right there around the home button. Anything filling some of those smaller spaces can be extremely difficult to remove. Call us slightly obsessive if you’d like, but we enjoy our gadgets to be as clean as possible in case we ever decide to resell them later.


4) Possible Lower Resale Value

Based on what we’ve seen, we’ve been able to gather that the iPad 2 may have a lower resale value. We aren’t just talking about the dust and dirt mentioned above. We’re looking at what we gathered based on launch. Keep in mind that this is only anecdotal evidence supported by what we saw in our purchase line at Wal-Mart. Like us, many of the others in line wanted the black iPad 2. We didn’t see anyone asking for the white model. Those who did, only chose it when the black option was out. Perhaps people just want to stick with a more familiar color scheme, we don’t know. Still, not nearly as many as we’d expected were interested in a new color.

What this tells us is that it’s very possible that this model will resell for a bit less than the (so far seemingly) more popular black iPad 2. Again, we are saying that there’s nothing official here, and this is just based on our observations at the store. Still, it’s worth considering while making a $500+ purchase.


Is the white iPad 2 Really That Bad?

No. It’s not bad. It’s just not our top choice for the device. As far as function goes, the speedier performance makes the tablet great for doing all our regular iPad stuff. Apps like iBooks and The Daily are snappier, which is a good thing since we always felt that The Daily, while nice, was a bit on the slow side at times.

Still, we’d suggest trying the white one out a bit if you’re interested. If it’s still your personal preference, by all means, go with it. We just felt it was appropriate to post some of our impressions after our first weekend with the iPad 2.


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