A Week in Lawsuits: Who’s Suing Who This Week?

  This image described by Motorola, Apple, Google, Android, RIM, Amazon, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, LG, Barnes & Noble, lawsuit, Microsoft

This image described by Motorola, Apple, Google, Android, RIM, Amazon, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, LG, Barnes & Noble, lawsuit, Barnes__noble_logo


Tech companies love lawsuits. At least you’d think so upon reading a news feed. Everybody is being sued by everybody. Some companies have multiple ongoing suits while others are suing a company over one thing but being sued by said company for another. It’s crazy, and it’s confusing.

Either way, here are the most recent lawsuits that came into the news this week. hit the jump to read up.


Apple Files Suit against Amazon Over App Store

Well, we didn’t know Apple had the rights to “App Store” but it seems that Apple doesn’t like Amazon’s use of “Amazon Appstore for Android.” Once again, we don’t claim to be legal experts, but is App Store fair game? Also, does it matter if they write it as one or two words? Anyone who might know a bit more about that is more than welcome to drop in some comments below. We think Apple’s just being silly about this one. Either way, associate “App Store” with Apple.


Apple Scares off Adult “App Store”

Apple went over an adult entertainment app maker for calling themselves the “world’s biggest app store for adults.” While we still think Apple is just showing it’s muscle to stop these guys, we can see how it’s in Apple’s interest to shoo away anything associated with adult content that can carry a name like App Store. Still, that doesn’t mean we agree with what Apple’s doing. We doubt anyone would even take notice. Heck, even if they do, not many of them are going to proudly declare, “I shop at the adult app store!” Just a thought.


Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble for NOOKcolor

The NOOKcolor runs on Android. Microsoft is suing B&N as they say some parts of the operating system infringe on some of Microsoft’s patents. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Microsoft suing a manufacturer over patent infringement in their Android products. The patent in question this time? “natural ways of interacting with devices by tabbing through various screens to find information.” Yeah, patent lawsuits are ridiculous. They really are 99 percent of the time. We aren’t sure what’s going on, but some websites say that this is a way for Microsoft to indirectly attack Google.


Patent Holding Company Files Suit Against Apple…and Everyone Else.

If there is a single indication that our patent system is screwed it’s times like this. A company in Texas named Imperium Holdings who has a fancy website but little else to show for their work is suing Apple, Kyocera, LG, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, RIM and Sony-Ericsson for infringing on five patents, related to cameras in phones and other mobile devices.


Anything Else?

These are the most notable lawsuits of the past few days. We’re sure some stuff went under the radar, but at least you are now up to speed on some of the lawsuits going on in the tech world.

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