Analysts Don’t Know What’s Going On With the iPad 2

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Two contradicting reports about the iPad 2 happen to be coming from two different analysts. After what happened last week, we're starting to think that their's too much guess work going on here being spoken as truth.
Let's see what we've got here, shall we?
Report number one comes from an "unsigned" Goldman Sachs research note issued Monday. (This is already starting to sound reliable.) Either way, the report says that the "ultra-thin" glass screen of the iPad 2 is generating "yield issues."
They are citing sources from their Asian technology research team. Of course they say that production will ramp up as things are figured out (but production usually ramps up on a successful product, does it not?) Then the note goes on to say they expect some things everyone has been saying for the past six months: Cameras, updated processor, support for GSM and CDMA technology.
Though they do add that they expect the new models to retain the same amount of storage capacity (which may or may not have been mentioned before) and 10 percent reduction in wholesale average selling prices, then adds that given the competition's prices, maybe not.
So take that how you will.
Then there is a report from FBR Capital's Craig Berger, who says that his supply chain contacts are projecting a faster ramp for the iPad 2. The contacts say that the Cupertino-based company has increased total production of the tablet computer to 5.5 million units. This is an increase from the 5.1 originally expected. If correct, the iPad 2 will account for around 2 million of those.
By the second quarter, Berger expects 7.2 million iPads to be produced with a larger portion of them being the iPad 2.
Who's right?

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