Apple Gains Patent for Control of Networked Devices Within the Home or Office


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A long time ago, we wrote about Apple's AirPlay, and how it might be their ticket into the living room. The technology allows content to be streamed from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to your Apple TV. The interesting thing is that Apple licenses that tech out, so that third-parties can create AirPlay speakers or even build AirPlay into a TV. This would give Apple devices lots of possibilities in the living room.

Well, now it looks as if Apple has been granted a patent for controlling devices networked throughout your home or office, as the description below shows:

The present invention provides systems and methods for managing and controlling networked devices. A system comprises a host application executing on, for example, a personal computer, and one or more networked devices executing a client application. A networked device includes a consumer appliance equipped with network capability, a digital device such as MP3 players and DVRs, an electronically-controlled device such as a light circuit or other type of circuit, and the like. The host application automatically establishes communication with the networked device. The networked device configures a user interface for user control of the networked device. The host application provides a graphical layout of the networked device.

This may never materialize into anything, but the idea is pretty cool. Especially if you are upstairs then don't remember if you left something on. Imagine just being able to check it out on your setup and flick it off. If we're getting this kind of technology around the house, flying cars can't be too far off…can they?


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