Apple Gains Patent for their iPod Classic Design


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Today we get to see the patents that have been approved by the USPTO. What's often interesting is that you will find many older inventions with designs that are just now being patented or perhaps just renewed. In this case, it's "The ornamental design for a media player, as shown and described."

The media player shown is none other than the iPod Classic, but in it's original form. In the patent filing, you can see various drawings of the media player, front, back, side, top and so on. What's often most interesting about these patents on a particular design is that they rarely claim the whole device.

If you take a close look at the drawing, you will see that it's mostly made up of dotted lines. Which, as the description, says "The broken lines in the Figures show portions of the media device which form no part of the claimed design."

In this case, that leaves nothing but the famous click wheel. This makes sense, as it's the only part of the iPod we see remaining relatively the same throughout the various models is that wheel.

It's also neat to see how very different the original iPod's design was compared to everything we have now. This one actually had a firewire port. That only lasted about two generations though, then Apple decided to create their own proprietary connector. Good news is that the same connector works across all iDevices.

You can see the rest of the patent by hitting the link below.


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