Apple Inching Closer to Console Experience With the Apple Digital AV Adapter

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Will this Little Piece of Plastic help Apple Move Toward a Console-like Experience?


Apple never really seemed to focus much on gaming before the App Store became a hit. It was kind of a "yeah, we offer that too" kind of thing for the folks at Cupertino.

Of course that's changed a bit as gaming has become the biggest part of the App Store. Now, it's not unusual to hear Steve Jobs talk up gaming on iOS devices and how well they're selling over traditional console and handheld games.

It's worth pointing out that iOS games do tend to cost a lot less than games on consoles like the Xbox 360 or handhelds like Nintendo's DS. This not only leads to impulse buys, but many users don't mind parting with a a dollar or two, even if the game ends up being crap.

In the past we've seen Apple slowly integrate features that make it possible to play something that makes iOS gaming somewhat of a console experience. Set-top boxes like Apple TV may be their way into that space, thanks to technologies like AirPlay.

Most recently we saw this with Apple's digital video adapter, and before that with other combinations of the iPhone and previous adapters.

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