iPad 2 – Apple To Stores: Stock It Today, Sell It Tomorrow

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Apple is reportedly telling its brick and mortar stores to hold received shipments of iPad 2's for twenty-four hours before offering them for sale.  The goal is supposedly to allow the stores to "calmly and accurately" process new shipments.

This reverses the recent trend seen with the iPhone 4 and iPad 1G releases of "let 'em fly off the shelves" in an attempt to post record-breaking Day One sales figures.  The result?  In addition to reservation system glitches, in-store inventory accuracy went down the tubes due to rushed selling and resellers trying to work the system to their advantage.

For instance: this past Tuesday, stores told prospective iPad 2 customers they'd received a smaller-than-usual shipment of the tablets, but in fact had the units in stock the day before and were merely cooling their heels for twenty-four hours.

Cupertino, not surprisingly, had no official word on the "sales quarantine," but praised customers for their "amazing" interest in the new tablet and that it is "working hard" to meet demand.  One thing they DID do is rework their online ordering system so that casual viewers could not extrapolate how many iPads were being shipped to the stores — by changing the order number generating method from sequential to random.

[Via AppleInsider]

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