Apple May Refund the Price Drop if You Bought an iPad in the Last Two Weeks


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It's a bummer when you buy a hot new gadget and two weeks later the new, improved version is announced, but that's technology for you. Many who bought the iPad recently experienced just that, and it's a bummer for them, since many of those who buy iPads probably don't keep up with the tech news, they just thought it was a cool device.

Well, we may have some good news for you, depending on how long ago you bought it. Just yesterday, Apple dropped the price of the original iPad line by $100, this includes new and refurbished in all models as they try to clear out the old to bring in the new. Well, if your iPad is less than two weeks old, you may be able to ask Apple to refund you the difference. We should say that we haven't tried this out for ourselves, but if anyone has any success, please, feel free to leave comments.

So our advice, if you recently bought your iPad, check out that receipt and see if it's been less than two weeks. You may luck out. Heck, it may be worth checking out the return policy wherever you bought it, even if it's not Apple. Maybe the store will be cool enough to let you pick up the new model if you are friendly and tell them what your situation is.

Be warned, most stores have a restocking fee on electronics, and most of those employees knew as much about the iPad 2 as you did, so play nice.





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