Store is Down. What Ever Can it Mean?

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Well, well. Didn't expect that one, did we? (Actually, we all did.) In traditional fashion, just before a major product is unveiled from Apple, they've temporarily closed their online store as they update their products.

We can only imagine what they must be adding to that front page. Keep in mind, that when the new tablet releases, we are pretty sure it won't be marketed as the 'iPad 2' rather, it will be sold simply as the iPad. They will surely mention that it's faster and lighter, but iPad 2 is just a way everyone started writing it in order to differentiate between the current model and the upcoming model.

We will be refreshing this page just to see what happens. 

Check it out here:

For now, you can also check out some of what we expect to see from the new tablet: Here

and don't forget to check out the liveblog and read about all the happenings: Here

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