Bootrom Exploit to Jailbreak iPad 2 Discovered By GeoHot

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A while back we read that iOS hacker Comex had managed to jailbreak iOS 4.3 on the iPad 2. It looks like now we are getting some new information regarding the iPad 2 jailbreak. It turns out that GeoHot has found a vulnerability in the new Apple tablet, which was confirmed by both he and Comex.

The exploit being used by Comex’s jailbreak right now is userland, but he recently said (via Twitter), “I hear someone has a bootrom vunerability that they might have explited.”

At the time, he didn’t say who it was, but now we do know that it’s GeoHot, who is currently in the middle of a pending legal battle with PlayStation 3 maker Sony Computer Entertainment.

However, we also heard a report saying that GeoHot plans to hold it back in order to conserve exploits. This would be likely the best way to keep the hole unpatched when Apple launches their next major iDevice, the iPhone 5 to give it maximum effectiveness as a bootrom exploit can only be fixed with a hardware upgrade (if Apple releases the iPhone 5, then obviously the hardware is finalized), while something like userland is patched as soon as Apple updates iOS again.

Little more is being said that that right now, but we are sure that those involved will keep the world updated on their progress as it happens.


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