How Retailers Are Handling the iPad 2 Launch

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Our local Target Store had this sign up


We went out to pick up our own iPad 2 for review purposes (iSmashPhone doesn't get freebies from Apple). We decided to go out, call around and see how the iPad 2 launch is going at different retailers. Below you can read a bit about some of the results we found, and it may help you learn about what to expect today. 


Apple may have the bulk of the iPad 2 inventory right now. We've been calling around, driving and checking retailers and it seems that many have limited quantities.

A local Best Buy (Apple's biggest retail partner) had a line of about 70, though we were unable to find out if they would have enough to meet demand in their area.

We also checked out a few Target stores and they were all VERY limited in supplies. It also seemed very inconsistent. One target was limited to all white iPads in 64GB, so it's all or nothing there. 

We also checked out another Target store, and the employee told us that they were stocking only the iPad 2 16GB wifi in white. Other than that, we were only informed that supplies were limited.

iSmashPhone also called some AT&T stores to check availability. One of them was only stocking the 16GB and the 32GB, when asked about the 64 they said, "No, we don't have that one."

Another AT&T store had the 64GB, but said that it was only for business customers. 


Our Purchase

We went to Wal-Mart for our iPad 2.

Wal-Mart had a line for store pickup and a sign informing buyers what they had available. The manager asked which model the buyer wanted and sold it to them. They only had 15 units total. Also interesting was that the shoppers all seemed to want black, and chose the white iPad when it was the only option left.

While waiting in line, we spoke with a nice fellow who told us that he had picked up the Xoom. He said that he had no issues with that tablet and was actually quite happy with it, but he would be returning it on Monday after having purchased his iPad 2.

He purchased the last AT&T 64GB in black, so we had to settle for the white. Oh well, we won't hold it against him—he was a nice dude.


Buying the Case

Then we went to Best Buy, where we would be purchasing our case. It also allowed us to see how big of a crowd they had pulled in. Well, they had over 100 people. Wow!

The employee tried to talk us into buying a Griffin cover by saying that it was like Apple's, but without the magnets. Thanks, but no thanks. Either way, it was a fun journey and we now have our iPad 2.

We will be posting our impressions tomorrow as we test out the new iPad.



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