Cable, Guys: Apple’s Digital AV Adaptor Is Big, Pricy, But Backwards-Compatible

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If yesterday's iPad 2 announcement left you with a distinct case of, well, upgrade envy — cheer up.  There was some stuff in there that current iDevice users can take advantage of right now.

Like the dingus above.  It's the new Apple Digital AV Adapter, which lets your iPad 2 output full 1080p video via an HDMI cable, as well as sync/charge via a second 30-pin cable pass-through jack. 

The good news is, last-gen iDevices — meaning the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, or iPad 1 — can utilize it as well.  The bad news?  Well, aside from the fact that it's expensive (US$39.00) and kinda bulky, those older devices can't muster anything more high-rez than 720p.  Cue return of upgrade envy…


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