Face to Face: Facetime for the iPad 2

It went without saying even before the iPad 2 announcement just minutes ago.  FaceTime was such a major addition to the iPhone 4 that it would be ridiculous not to bring it over to the larger format iPad 2.  When Steve Jobs finally mentioned that the iPad 2 would come with dual cameras it was one of the most satisfying features from the entire iPad 2 announcement, besides the Verizon iPad 2.

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What is great about the iPad 2 FaceTime is that it allows for an incredible amount of versatility with this video conferencing tool  You will be able to do direct FaceTime video chat from iPad to iPad for adequate users, but it is not restricted to just that.  You can also employ it with iPhone 4 owners and even Mac owners from their computer in general.  What this will do is allow FaceTime to become a broadly employed chat function that is not just used by people with elite mobile media devices.  What this will do is to transform the feature into something that people will use on a reaonably often basis.

In general, the interface will look familiar to what we saw with the iPhone 4 and you will be able to use orientation to change the perspective you want it to be positioned in.  What is also great about the iPad 2 case is that you can use it to prop up the iPad 2 perfectly for FaceTime chats, that way you do not need to sit there holding the iPad 2 in front of your face while in a conversation.

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