Ford + Apple = Meet the iTruck

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Our good buddy Fred V. over at RedSavageProductions (Drop by and visit; he does great graphics work) was cruising around town when he saw this. He couldn’t help but snap a photo. His comment was simply, “When did Apple start selling trucks? Unless you’re Steve Jobs, you shouldn’t do this.” We are inclined to agree. Not to mention, that giant Apple would block your rear-view, which probably isn’t a good idea.

It could be some strange partnership between Ford and Apple that we don’t know about. Ford has been working to bring more technology into their vehicles with the whole Ford Sync thing. Perhaps it’s in field testing.

There’s no telling, but we’re pretty sure that it’s nothing more than someone who really loves their Mac proudly showing it off. Well, at least it’s not a tattoo–those don’t come off as easily.

[Special thanks to Fred for snapping the photo and being cool with us posting it.]

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