Forget The AirPort: WiFi2HiFi Streams Music From PC To iDevice

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Wanna stream music from your desktop computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch — but don’t want to shell out a C-note for an Apple AirPort?

You need to acquaint yourself with WiFi2HiFi.  Consisting of a “transmitter” program for your Wintel or Mac PC and a “receiver” app for your iDevice, the system uses your WiFi network to beam music from the former to the latter.  Depending on how loud — or how unobtrusive — you want the beamed music to be, you can listen either via headphones, your iDevice dock, or cabled to your stereo system.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Unlike the AirPort, WiFi2HiFi promises to transmit ANY audio media you may have on your box computer.  Songs in iTunes.  Songs NOT in iTunes.  Web radio.  Streaming media.  Plus, the desktop app is free, the iDevice app is free (and even has a slick interface complete with a big honkin’ volume button)…what’s not to love?

Check out the following video to see the whole kit and kaboodle in action.

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