Future Platform: The iOS 4.3 Announcement

Along with the major iPad 2 announcements, Apple made today a series of revelations for its devices.  One that we were expecting, though maybe not today, was the outline of the iOs 4.3.  The iOS 4.3 update is going to stand as the new semi-major update to the operating system shared by the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad, at least until the release of the iOS 5 later this year.

The most major feature of the coming iOS 4.3 update is that it does a distinct overhaul on the Safari brower, allowing in Jthe Nitro Javascript engine.  This is going to change what is considered possible on a mobile internet browser, especially on what the new iPad 2 is going to be utilized for.

Beyond this will be the iTunes Home Sharing feature, which is a new feature for media broadcast that will continue the trend for the iPad that began with the eariler iPad 2 HDMI cable announcement.  Here you will be able to use your iTunes from your device to then broadcast playback through outside ones just using your home Wi-Fi network.

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Airplay is now going to find all relevant devices around the device, which is great if you are already employing things like Apple TV.  More than this is that it will work with websites and apps, which is major since video has traditionally been so limited through Apple devices outside of very specific channels such as purchased content or YouTube.

Beyond these major media features you will find that the iOS 4.3 allows you to select different specific modes for your device, which is going to be major as the iPad 2 begins to be used in a variety of consumer and business scenarios.

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