Hands-On Review: i.Sound Portable Power Max

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In the external battery arena, power is the name of the game — and on the surface, the i.Sound Portable Power Max would appear to have power to burn.  It packs 16,000 mAh of juice (and a promised usage of "up to 480 hours") into a package about the size and weight of a hard drive, loads on five (count 'em!) USB ports, and even throws a front-panel LED flashlight into the mix. 

Don't expect to hang multiple power-hungry iPads on the Power Max, they'll suck it dry faster than you can say "reality distortion field."  It'll definitely keep a single 'Pad chugging away, and has more than enough power for your iPhone, iPod, or other phone/media player.  If you're at the beach, in the woods, or anywhere that you can't get your gizmos to an AC outlet, this unit will be a lifesaver.

Review unit is courtesy of RichardSolo.com

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Conclusion: if you own more then one USB chargable gadget, this unit is must have.


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