Rumor: Chronic Dev-Team Fixes the SHAtter Exploit for the A5 Chip

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iPad 2 owners waiting for an official jailbreak can breathe easy knowing that a solution may be in the works thanks to the Chronic Dev-Team

It's hard to say right now, but the most outspoken member of the team, p0sixninja (aka Joshua Hill) recently posted an SHA hash via Twitter:


Shortly after that tweet, he posted a second one with the following message:

Huge changes for Chronic-Dev Team soon. We're all really excited!!

From the sounds of the tease, it seems as if the Chronic Dev-Team may have found a solution to fix the SHAtter exploit to work on the A5 chip, which powers the iPad 2 and is likely to power the iPhone 5 as well as the other major iDevices that are released this year.

This is based on speculation by Vincent, who has shown to be knowledgable for the going-ons in the iOS hacking community in the past, said the following via Twitter:

A lot of you asked me what I think about the "SHA-hash-tweet" of @p0sixninja; I think they fixed SHAtter on the A5.

Some may remember that we learned recently that the current exploits had actually been patched by Apple back in 2010, which was well before discovered by hackers.

We're sure more news will emerge in the near future.

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