How To: Add Dropbox Integration to Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad


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We love Dropbox. In fact, we’ve written about our love for it before, and now use it all the time to save files and back up our work in case we should need it while away from home. Ever use iWork on your iPad? Ever wish it allowed you to save into your Dropbox folder? Well, looks like someone over at website TechInch has figured out a solution.

1) First, you must, of course, have a Dropbox account, which you can get here.

2) After that, you will download DropDAV, which is priced at 30 percent of your Dropbox plan price (so free is good, right?).

3) You will link the two accounts.

4) Open a document in iWork for iPad and hit the ‘Export’ button and Copy to WebDAV.

5) Enter your WebDAV sever address, which is usually something along the lines of followed by your username. You should now be able to keep using it within that app unless you change your Dropbox password. Know that you will have to do this for each iWork App you want to use with Dropbox. That is Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

6) From there, you can upload documents when needed.

[Via TechInch]

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