How to Sell Off Your Old iPad to Buy an iPad 2

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So you own the original iPad and you are planning on going through with the upgrade to the iPad 2. That’s no problem, as we mentioned in a recent post, you can always go ahead and sell the old one to help you pay for the new model. (Though if you’re having second thoughts, you may want to consider 5 reasons not to upgrade or read 5 reasons to upgrade)

Now of course, you must figure out how to sell it, or who to sell it to. Luckily, several websites have stepped up to the plate in recent months, and offer to take up your old iPad or iPhone and pay you for it. Then there are the classic ways to get rid of old stuff, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can sell off your old iPad to help towards your purchase of the iPad 2.

1) ebay

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Ebay is one of our favorite ways to sell off old iDevices. It’s widely-used and more often than not, someone out there is willing to buy your iPad. We saw one go for $390 (which is just $10 less than a new one will set you back through Apple right now) on Monday, March 7th. The downside is the wait time for the auction to end, and having to deal with buyers and payment methods, etc.


2) Gazelle

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Gazelle is a company that buys back old gadgets. They ask you a few simple questions about your iPad’s condition (scratches, whether or not you have everything that came with it, etc.) and give you a price. A 16GB wifi-only iPad will pull in $300 if it’s in perfect condition. Though it may take up to two weeks to get your money.


3) Cash For iPads

These folks will offer you $335 for your 16GB iPad wifi. It’s a little more than Gazelle will offer, but we haven’t heard much about these guys, so it might be worth looking into before you fully commit. That said, their website is well organized and they also buy back tons of other devices like laptops and smartphones. Worth checking out for any gadget you want to sell off.


4) PowerBook Medic

PowerBook Medic will give you $324 to part with your first-gen iPad, which is more or less what you get with any of the others we’ve listed. Again, just another option for those looking.


5) Craigslist

Craigslist is always a weird one for us. It feels like there is a bit more anonymity, which we aren’t particularly fond of when handing someone a gadget worth a few hundred dollars. That also works the other way around. The other buyers have to trust that you will sell them a working device and are who you say you are. Still, what’s nice is that you can often find people who want and iPad. Take this listing for example:

Looking to purchase an ipad 16gb version for 300.00. Must be in great condition. Sell yours for the new one or for other reasons! Or give me your best offers. I will consider anything less than 350 


That saves you half the work.


Things to Consider

As with any transaction, you have to make sure you know who you are dealing with. As we said, you wouldn’t just hand your iPad to anybody. Keep in mind they feel the same way about their $300+ dollars. That said, ebay still feels like the best option. Sure, it’s a little more work, and it takes longer because of the whole bidding process, but the end result it worth it when you are talking about an extra 60 or 70 bucks.

Wipe Your iPad Clean

Not just physically, though you may want to do that too. Just make it look nice and fingerprint-free before you sell it. The buyer will appreciate having a clean iPad with a non-smudgy screen.

But really, really wipe your iPad clean. You know, don’t want your emails and contacts on that thing do you?

First and most importantly! Back Up Your Settings.

1) Back up your iPad with iTunes.

2)Connect your iPad via USB and sync it. Make sure all of your data is on your computer because you are going to remove everything from your iPad.

3) Navigate to:  Settings > General > Reset

4) Now you will see several options. Just tap “Erase All Content and Settings” This will reboot the iPad and put it in that mode it was in when you first bought it, with the little iTunes logo and the USB cable.


Say Goodbye to Your Old iPad

Say Goodbye to your first-gen iPad. It’s time to move on and wish it well. Remember the times browsing through the App Store and through YouTube. They will be shared with someone else now. Just hope that they give it a good home.

Now it’s time for an iPad 2!

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