Howard Stern Falls in Love With Apple

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On Monday, March 14, Howard Stern proclaimed his love for the Apple brand on his Sirius XM radio show, reports website Mac Daily News.

“I’m totally (expletive) into Apple,” said the popular radio personality, adding “Listen, I’m not doing a commercial here. I love it, I love it, I love it.”

Stern said that he’s not sure why he didn’t jump to a Mac years ago. He even told Robin Quivers to throw away all of her PC stuff and go to the Apple Store. Mac Daily News says that Stern talked about using iChat to talk to other popular hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

Stern also said that he loves his iPad 2, and is going to get rid of his Android phone to get an iPhone along with a Bluetooth keyboard because he feels he needs physical keys.

On the subject of the phone, he also told Quivers, who had been planning to jump from BlackBerry to Android that she should wait while he checks out the iPhone 4, saying “Sit tight, I’ll advise you once I check it out.”

On Apple boss Steve Jobs, Stern had nice things to say, “This guy is a genius, Robin. A genius.”

It’s interesting to hear a guy like Howard Stern, who’s known to speak his mind and not beat around the bush while doing his show say good things about a company. Had he not liked his new Mac, we’d probably be hearing the exact opposite.

By the way, it’s also possible to listen to Howard Stern on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad: check it out here.

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