iHeadhunting: Apple Goes On Hiring Spree For iOS Positions

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Job market sucks?  Not according to Apple, who recently posted online "help wanted" signs for more than two dozen positions.

A good chunk of those postings are for "Location Technologies Software Engineers" (one such listing can be seen here).  Location tech is a hot topic at the House of Jobs; in the past, Apple has filed patents related to location-aware homescreens or Google Latitude-style sharing apps.  (Speaking of Latitude: Android bigots regularly crow over the fact that THEIR smartphones come with Google Maps Navigation functions by default — something still sorely lacking in iOS 4.x.  One of the prospective LTSE's tasks might conceivably be integration of Navigation into iOS 5.)

Apple is also casting its bread upon the employment waters in search of antenna and Bluetooth specialists, developers who can shore up iOS's photo and calendar apps, and positions related to access security, productivity and media apps, even graphic designers to tweak the firmware's embedded images.

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