Interesting BBC Short on Hardware Hackers





This is a great little BBC video about hardware hacking. It talks about everything from the Wii hacks we saw in late 2006 and early 2007, which involved head tracking and controlling robotic arms via Bluetooth thanks to the motion controller.

It also covers the more recent explosion of Kinect hacks such as the amazing 3D camera and robots that use the Kinect sensor to see the world around them and avoid bumping into objects around them.

You will also see the PlayStation Move controller used in the video, but it's only touched on briefly.

It's neat to see uses for technology that the creators probably never envisioned. If these companies can allow for forward thinking, these devices could be used for much more amazing things one day.

The report even talks about the legal action from Sony against Fail Overflow and GeoHot over the hacking of the PlayStation 3 system. While hacking peripherals like Kinect and Move seems okay to these hardware makers, they dislike the idea of console modding.

Still, creating the ability to use devices in cool new ways is part of the reason many of us jailbreak. It's about the ability to open the system to things you couldn't do before such as custom wallpapers or multitasking on an iPhone 3G, or folders before iOS4.

We see very little consequence as one can simply restore their iDevice to factory settings if they don't like the jailbreak. At best, it gives Apple ideas as to what users are looking for. If they see a lot of jailbreakers trying to get folders on their iPhone, that clues them in as to what users want on iOS, or so we'd think. Of course Apple doesn't see it that way.


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