iOS 4.3 Coming Friday: Jailbreakers, Stay Away

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Yup. Very soon.

As we learned last week, iOS 4.3 launches on March 11, alongside the iPad 2. With every new version of iOS come some new features and new ways to use your iDevices.

Recently, we even learned that the iOS 4.3 GM can be jailbroken, but the process is very tedious and is only a tethered jailbreak. Further, GM can only be downloaded with a developer license. However, it is a nice indication that iOS 4.3 will be easily jailbroken by the time it releases on March 11. That fact, and the idea of some of the new features we will be getting with iOS 4.3, some may be tempted to install the update.

That's perfect if you run a non-jailbrokenn device. Nothing to it, just plug your iDevice into the computer and let iTunes do the rest. Couldn't be simpler. 

However, if you have a jailbroken device, as always, you will want to wait. Most who jailbreak know this already, but those who haven't done so before, definitely need to be warned about it. BigBoss offered his own usual warning, with an additional warning that gets into the specifics of iOS 4.3 and how it functions:

"With 4.3 comes apple‚Äôs implementation of address space layout randomization (ASLR). In short, this will mess up the way mobile substrate works. You will need a new mobile substrate in order to use your favorite tweaks such as winterboard, sbsettings, bitesms, folder enhancer, etc. So you should definitely avoid 4.3 until an ‚Äúofficial‚Äù jailbreak is released for it. Of course we will announce when that is right here."

Unlockers should also avoid the update until something official is released.

[Via thebigboss]

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